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Pricing FAQs

A Service Phone is a phone number that is owned by you, the customer, from which you will dial into Itellas.  Instead of using long, annoying PIN numbers to grant access to your account, Itellas looks at the Caller ID presented to us when you call, and matches that to your account.  This allows us to skip the “log in” and move you straight to placing calls.

On Unlimited plans, you would need to purchase a user slot for each phone you wanted to use.  That means in order to use 2 phones, you’d need 2 users.  On Pay-Per-Minute plans, you can add as many Service Phones as you want.

Yes!  When you purchase minutes for your Pay-Per-Minute account, you can set up as many service phones as you want.  Calls made from any of those numbers will share the minutes, just like a cellphone plan.

No.  We listened to our customers when they said they wanted an option where there was no automatic billing of any kind.  If service interruption is a concern, we would recommend using an Unlimited plan instead of Pay-Per-Minute.  After all, if you’re going through that many minutes per month, you’d be wasting money otherwise.

Itellas does not sell to customers outside the United States.

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