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Itellas Caller ID Spoofing Features

Please take a minute to learn about our features that are unique to Itellas’ Caller ID Spoofing.

Call Recording

With the Itellas Call Recorder, you can record your spoofed calls automatically, or on a per-call basis.

The Call Recorder features include:

  • Automatic recording using Call Rules, or a global account-wide option
  • Recordings are in .MP3 format, for universal playback and minimal storage space requirements
  • Calls are stored online for 30 days before being archived

Call Rules

Call Rules are an extremely powerful and flexible tool to automate spoofing for yourself, and your team.

  • Activate on calls from a specific Service Phone number (i.e. calls from a specific team member)
  • Activate on calls to a specific number or number pattern (i.e. 212-* or 212-555-*, or even 212-555-1234)
  • Set the spoof number automatically:
    • Spoof the same number each time
    • Match the target area code, randomize the rest (spoofs a real number)
    • Match the target area code and prefix, randomize the rest (spoofs a real number)
    • Match the target area code, but ensure the rest is bogus (prevents names from appearing)
  • Set the Call Recorder on or off
  • Set the Voice Changer on or off, including pitch

You can create as many Call Rules as you want. Once a Call Rules is matched to an outgoing call, the system will stop looking for additional rules. Rules cannot be chained together.

Call Localization

If your success is measured over the phone, you need your calls to be answered. Call Localization from Itellas is an extremely effective way to increase your answer rate. While there is no doubt that telephone-based sales practices are under the microscope today, the fact is that cold-calling works, and is a necessary part of getting your company’s offering out to a wider market. Itellas encourages responsible calling, because let’s face it – most people don’t like sales calls. But when you just need that few seconds to make your pitch, localizing your call can get you over the finish line.

  • Match your spoofed number with your called party’s area code (212-555-1234)
  • Choose between randomizing real or fake prefixes (212-555-1234)
  • Fake prefixes prevent names of other individuals or businesses from appearing


Employee Logins

If you need an employee, contractor, or other team member to be able to access the Control Panel, but not have access to your billing information, Call Rules, or other sensitive settings, you can assign a numeric PIN to their Service Phone number, which will allow them to use their Service Phone as a username in order to access a limited subset of the Control Panel features, with only their data visible.

The limited access login provides your team member access to:

  • Their call logs
  • Their recordings
  • Their analytics & metrics
  • The Support desk

Logging in to the Control Panel with your account’s email address and master PIN will provide administrative access to the account.

Voice Changer

For those customers with an additional need for voice privacy, the Itellas Voice Changer can change the pitch of your voice up or down in small increments, ranging from just a little, to a lot. More substantial changes can be hard or even impossible to understand, so we encourage customers to use the Voice Changer Tester line to experiment with these settings before making a call.

When using the Call Recorder in conjunction with the Voice Changer, the changed voice will be sent to the called party during the call, but your real voice will be stored in the recordings. This doesn’t mean that the called party did not hear your altered voice.

You can test the voice changer by dialing (205) 277-1377.

Call Metrics

You can measure your team’s productivity, and keep an eye on the stats with Itellas Call Analytics. Our chart-based system allows you to choose what data you want to see, and how to display it, and keeps you informed as to the success of your calling campaigns.

With our Metrics system, you can see the following data:

  • Minutes used per day
  • Minutes used per user
  • Calls connected per day
  • Calls connected per user
  • Calls by disposition (Answered, Busy, No Answer, etc.)
  • Calls by duration
  • Average duration by user
  • Failed calls by day
  • Failed calls by user


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