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Itellas Empowers Your Sales


No matter what you are selling, Itellas can help increase your answer rate, which increases sales.
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Mystery Shopping Experts

Mystery Shopping

Itellas and mystery shoppers are a perfect match. If you're in the Mystery Shopping industry, Caller ID Spoofing from Itellas will be your agents' best friend.
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Benefits for Debt Collectors

Recover Assets Faster

If you're an asset recovery specialist or provide debt collection services, Itellas can help you increase your chances of successful contact.
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As a salesman, I am on the road 90% of the time. I use Itellas to display my work phone number when I make calls from my cell phone. That way when they call me back, they call my office phone number and if I am unavailable, my admin asst. can take the call or it will forward to another member of my team so that we don’t lose the sale.

Jacob Tempe  – Pharmaceutical Sales

Protect what matters most.

Privacy, Perfected.™

Caller ID Spoofing from Itellas provides 100% total privacy for any calls you need to make, even including your voice.  Itellas help keep you and your business safe by:

Second to none.

Easy to Get, Easy to Use.

Itellas offers multiple methods of access and integration, from a simple dial-in access number, to cloud-based distributed SIP trunking.  Our service works from land lines, cellphones, and most VoIP carriers.  Whether you’re an individual or a large call center, Itellas can accommodate you.

The Itellas Difference

Itellas' platform is second to none, with the ability to dynamically modify our service to fit each customer's needs, your Caller ID Spoofing experience with Itellas can be your own.

Case Studies

Itellas Caller ID Spoofing Solutions & Projects

Please take a minute to learn about some of our past projects and how we helped industries increase profits with Caller ID Spoofing.

Need to return a patient’s call outside the office don’t want them to have your personal cell number?  Return that call through Itellas, and you can show your practice’s main number instead, and record the call if necessary.  

For those in the asset recovery  or debt collection industry, we understand how difficult your job can be.  That’s why our system is a perfect addition to your business.  Itellas can supply you with a real phone number that you can use when calling debtors – that they can call you back on, so you can assist your clients while remaining on the right side of the law.

Anyone in sales knows, especially when cold calling: If they don’t answer, you don’t sell.  With over 90% of unidentified calls going ignored by consumers, Itellas offers your sales team a great way to increase your answer rate, and your paycheck.  Plus with Call Rules, you can really pick up the pace and reach out to more leads than with other tools.

For those who protect and serve, Itellas stands ready to help you.  We all know that enforcing the law is a tough job – and when you need secure, anonymous calling, Itellas can make that happen with ease.  Voice Changer offers help with keeping your identity secure, and our Call Recorder gives you the evidence you need to close the case.

Caller ID Spoofing from Itellas has been shown to dramatically increase the effectiveness of mystery shopping and customer service training campaigns.  Caller ID spoofing is perfect for supporting remote agents working from home. Itellas’ detailed call records allow for precise customer billing and agent accountability, while automation and Call Recording provides all the data you need.

Online dating can be risky sometimes.  You never know who’s on the other end of the chat.  So when you reach the stage that you want to put a voice to the profile, let Itellas protect your privacy.  Our spoofing service, coupled with our Inbound calling allows you to give them a number – just not YOUR number.  Disconnect that number any time to stop the calls.

Unmatched Agility & Dedicated Support

Itellas’ platform is second to none, with the ability to dynamically modify our service to fit each customer’s needs, your Caller ID Spoofing experience with Itellas can be your own.

Unmatched Agility

Itellas’ platform is second to none, with the ability to dynamically modify our service to fit each customer’s needs, your Caller ID Spoofing experience with Itellas can be your own. Itellas offers unique features that no other spoofing company has.

Dedicated Support

Itellas offers the most dedicated and thorough support in the Caller ID Spoofing industry. With excellent response times and premium support for high-volume clients, Itellas wants your experience to be flawless.

Trusted By The America's Best Organizations

Caller ID Spoofing FAQs

Spoofing is 100% legal. There are certain rules for industries like Debt Collectors or Telemarketers, but using spoofing in a lawful way is perfectly ok.  

Itellas services work with land lines, cellphones, and most good-quality VoIP carriers.

You can create special logins to your account for your employees or contractors allowing them to see only their data. No need to have multiple accounts!

Spoofing cannot control the name that appears on spoofed calls. The names are pulled from a national database and sent along with the Caller ID. If you spoof a real number, then the name associated with that number will appear. If you spoof a bogus number, the name will show as “Unavailable”

Itellas does not sell to customers outside the United States.

Itellas does not allow robodialers or other automated tools. All calls must be placed and conducted by a person. However Itellas does provide tools such as Call Rules that allow salesmen and other types of users to have our system automatically display a number on outgoing calls, such as your office number, so that you do not have to enter the number for every single call.

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