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Itellas asks that before law enforcement send requests for data searches, warrants, or subpoenas, that you please complete an Abuse Report form first. This form does an automated real-time search of our system and can tell you quickly if there is any relevant information to provide.

Unmatched Agility & Dedicated Support

Itellas’ platform is second to none, with the ability to dynamically modify our service to fit each customer’s needs, your Caller ID Spoofing experience with Itellas can be your own.

Caller ID Spoofing FAQs

Spoofing is 100% legal. There are certain rules for industries like Debt Collectors or Telemarketers, but using spoofing in a lawful way is perfectly ok.  

Itellas services work with land lines, cellphones, and most good-quality VoIP carriers.

You can create special logins to your account for your employees or contractors allowing them to see only their data. No need to have multiple accounts!

Spoofing cannot control the name that appears on spoofed calls. The names are pulled from a national database and sent along with the Caller ID. If you spoof a real number, then the name associated with that number will appear. If you spoof a bogus number, the name will show as “Unavailable”

Itellas does not sell to customers outside the United States.

Itellas does not allow robodialers or other automated tools. All calls must be placed and conducted by a person. However Itellas does provide tools such as Call Rules that allow salesmen and other types of users to have our system automatically display a number on outgoing calls, such as your office number, so that you do not have to enter the number for every single call.

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