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Transition Your Existing Account

This process will permanently transition your existing Itellas account over to our new platform. All data & records will be transitioned, along with all recorded calls. As part of this new upgrade, Itellas is also switching payment processors. This will allow us to accept MANY more forms of payment, including Credit & Debit Cards, Bank Accounts, Cash App, and more. We plan to add more payment options in the future, including Cryptocurrency such as BitCoin™.

Because we do not have access to your payment details, you will need to re-enter new payment information after the transition.

Old Platform:
Please provide the email address on your existing Itellas account:
For security purposes, please provide the existing account PIN:
New Platform:
Please specify the existing Service Phone that should become the 'Master' user:
Please create a new password to associate with your new master user account:
Password Requirements:
  • Must be 8-16 characters
  • At least 1 Uppercase Letter
  • At least 1 Number
  • At least 1 Special Character
  • No Spaces
  • Passwords must match

Note: Your new account will be available immediately, however call logs and recordings will be transferred in the background, and may take some time to complete. If you need access to your data or recordings immediately, we suggest starting this process at the end of the day, so it is complete when you start tomorrow.

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